Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring
a strong community
of people together,
to enhance ideas and
cultivate a life-long love
of knowledge and  learning.

Library Hours
Monday       12:00-6:00
Tuesday       12:00-6:00
Wednesday   12:00-6:00
Thursday       12:00-6:00
Friday            11:00-5:00

Library Staff

Emmie Loberg

-Library Clerks-
Kathy McFarland
Diana Yarger
Peggy Manion

Wanda Rosseland
Flo Meissner

Board of Trustees
Kerry Eissinger

Keri Taylor

Flo Meissner

Cody Drew
June Petrik

Suggested Links
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Wanda Rosseland's Blog

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McCone County Web Site

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The Nook was created to provide a sitting area for patrons to enjoy a book, browse through a periodical, or just sit and visit.  Kids can also watch a video/DVD while waiting for their parents.  The Nook is also available for small groups to use for meetings.  

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The Book Club also meets in the nook, on the third Thursday evening of the month. If you are interested in being part of this contact the library (485-2350).

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Display Case

If you have a collection you would like to have displayed for a time at the library please contact us.  We always enjoy displaying new collections.

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Computer/Internet Usage

*DSL/Wireless connection

*Under 18 must have a Parental release form

*No disks or CD’s from outside

*No downloading files

Check out limits for Materials in the Library

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Fiction & Non Fiction Books
Check out time - 2 weeks

Audio Tapes (CD)
Check out time - 2 weeks

Check out time - 1 week

Check out time - 2 weeks

Reference Books
In Library use only

 Inter-Library Loan Program, *No Charge
If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can check with other libraries.